portrait of the illustrator


My name is Nate Smith and as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in art. My first muse was my father’s Calvin and Hobbes paperback collections, from there it was graphic novelist Jim Lee. After taking several classes I realized that art was my passion. The Inkwell is a fulfillment of that passion. 

The Inkwell began as a way to reach people with my art. To influence them with my passion. The reason most people get tattoos, or resonate with a song, is because it has personal meaning to their lives. I wanted to give them a new way to express their inner meaning of life and struggles. Whether it is through commissioned art, or tee shirts I hope to connect with you, the inner artist, in a unique way. 


Logo Design

Newly added to our services department is that of logo design; working with a wide array of clients from blue collar small businesses to Americana musicians.

Band Art

Though we serve a variety of clients, our bread and butter is working with bands to do their musical artwork or merchandise, whether its album art or tee shirt design.

Pen and ink illustration

By Far our most complex work, pen and ink illustration is the holy grail of product design. We specialize in a vintage looking ink look that immediately brings a nostalgic element.